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Water Purification

When camping in the great outdoors, potable water isn't always available. Water that looks clean may still be filled with bacteria or parasites. These bacterias or parasites can induce vomiting or diarrhea which quickly leads to dehydration. Running water is always your best option but there are still no guarantees. It is best to carry a water purifier with you while hiking or camping to make water available to drink.
A camping water purifier can be found at any outdoor recreation store. Camping water purifiers are more expensive than a water filter but they are also a lot more efficient and produce pure water without any contaminants. Besides removing contaminants, water purifiers also improve the taste of the water.
The outward appearance of a water purifier appears relatively simple. It has a handheld pump and an intake hose that is placed in a body of water such as a lake, pond, stream or river. The water purifier attaches to a water bottle but can also be held over a cup or pot, if the water is being used for cooking.
The inside of the water purifier is where the complex process begins. When the water is drawn into the water purifier, it is run through a filtration system to remove large sediment and organisms. The filtration system is usually composed of activated charcoal. It then passes through an iodine system where fine sediment and microorganisms are removed. The water is then emptied into the water bottle or other container where it can be drank safely.
Water purifiers are sold in different sizes and styles to meet every type of outdoor recreational activity. All water filters work efficiently for car camping but when hiking and backpacking, size and weight is a major consideration. Some water purifiers are lightweight and small enough to fit in a day pack for hikers.
A water purifier is a necessity when camping, hiking and backpacking. Unfortunately, due to their complex parts, water purifiers break easily. It is recommended to carry water purification tablets with you as a back up to the water purifier. A water purification tablets may contain iodine, halazone or chlorine which purifies one quart of water. It may leave a bad taste, but you won't get sick from drinking contaminated water.