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TIENS ACULIFE very import in Tiens get information about it

Aculife magnetic wave therapist is a product resulting from the integration of 5000 - year traditional Chinese Acupuncture medical knowledge and circulate, preventive medical technology. By using extra long magnetic wave stimulate our hand and ear acupoint, Aculife improve our micro-circulation, speed up the metabolism, and enhance circulat.e capability to prevent various diseases. In addition, aculife also act as a mild heat massage. It improves our blood circulation and recovery from fatigue.

Risk Excess Salt Intake

Family TIENS how much salt we consume in a day?
Tiens Family, know that excess salt in the body increases the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, and even stroke. Now to Avoid it, there are some foods that you can take to remove the salt levels in the body,