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Unique Emulsion that Cleans & Shrinks Vaginas
Have you ever suffered from genetial tract infection? Are you now perplexed about how to prevent genetial tract infection? Are you satisfied with your sexual life? Are you npw perplexed about your disharmonious sexual life? We have been orienting the HUFUBAO of the TIENS brand to women’s needs. i.e. Women’s health. Through many years of research and based on theories of traditional chinese medicines, and by means of modern biochemical extraction technology. We have developed & produced this health product that clean and shrink vaginas. It has been tested and accredited by China national authorative departments and proved by clinical applocation that the HUFUBAO is able to prevent vaginas clean and comfortable and to help shrink vaginas so as to create harmonic & wonderful sexual life. Thereforre HUFUBAO is well known by ladies as “Treasure of Female”.
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Unique features of HUFUBAO: With original ideas of ladies health products. It has the four unique deatures as follows:
* It is made from more than ten kinds of precious herbages that are extracted by means of modern biochemical technology, so it is natural with evident healthful effects and without side-effect *poision.
* Mild dispensation and advanced purification technology. So it can maintain the pysiological environment of vaginas and keep the nature balance of various micro-organisms.
* With innovative pharmaceutics technology, it has a persistent active effect, and is easy to use, not easy to flow out so as to avoid polluting underwear and bedding.
* Internationally fashionable entirely-sealed packaging & decorating of the product that is easy to use & carry and will not cause social inconvenience.
Function of Hufubao
* Help shrink salck vaginas, recover their elasticity, strengthen their sphincter’s vitality and recover newly-married taste.
* Prevent vaginas frm infection by bacterium, eliminate excretion and keep them clean & comfortable.
* Eliminate foreign flavors, stop itching and maintain vaginas’ PH acidic enviroment.
* If it is used for a long period of time, such disease as metroptosis, uterus infection, adnexitis, pelvic inflammation & cervical erosion etc. can be prevented.
Stylish, Mature, MArried Women
After child-breeding, women’s vaginas become slack & lack of elasticity, which will be getting more serious with age, & will affect sexual life relationship between husband and wife & happiness of family, especially stylish women are in pursuit of taste of life & mental enjoy, and eager to be perfect females. Nevertheless, slack vaginas will be helpless for achieving this goal. HUFUBAO will enable vaginas to shrink, to recover elasticity, cause a surge of passion & help enjoy wonderful sexual life.
Women who are suffering from geniatl tract infection
According to the statistics by related institutes. over 70 % of women are suffering from various genital tract infections, high incidence rate and serious harm of which will negatively effect women ’s health & happiness of family. According to investigations, most women do not want to bith themselves about getting treated or to pay for treatment, so “Life channel” (genetal tract) is silently bearing infection by various bacteria. HUFUBAO is able to relieve women’s indescribale pains. Women who want to prevent genital tract infection, worldwide incidence rate of transmitted disease is very high, and the numbers of women who are suffering from genital tract infection are rapidly increasing, with the features of intercross infection difficult to prevent, to which many women pay great attention.
BackPain Device Physcal Therapy Apparatus for lumbago & Backache
Creativity & Scientificivity
Use electron waves, magnetic waves, and infrared and thermo waves together with the internal biological waves of human body to generate wave’s circulation and have effect on vertebral tissues. That makes the inside interact with the outside and parts with the whole. This apparatus can balance brain and the five viscera and six bowels, regulate meridian system, preserve vertebra, smooth qi and blood circulation.
Efficiency & ExactnessThe wave circulation can essentially reflect the preservation of vertebral tissues as well as smooth the cervical vertebrae to keep it in good health for a long time. It can repress, soften and decompose the “rubbish” in vertebral area, and solve the problems involved with vertebrae.
High PopularitySuitable for a wide range of people without changing life style. Strengthen the vertebrae in the process of removing effectively harmful substances in it. The necessary nutrition can be absorbed by both diet and sporting.
Specific and SafeUse specific technologyNo side effectPassed CE certification
Convenient and ApplicableVery convenient and have no limitation from the environment. Only 15 to 30 minutes every day is enough. You can choose any method as you like and feel comfortable and refreshed after using it. Can be used by every family member and beneficial to the whole family.
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Detect - Relieve - Healthcare
Aculife magnetic wave therapist is a product resulting from the integration of 5000 - year traditional Chinese Acupuncture medical knowledge and circulate, preventive medical technology. By using extra long magnetic wave stimulate our hand and ear acupoint, Aculife improve our micro-circulation, speed up the metabolism, and enhance circulat.e capability to prevent various diseases. In addition, aculife also act as a mild heat massage. It improves our blood circulation and recovery from fatigue.
Major Functions1. Detect Acupoint LocationThe guidebook assists you locate the right acupoints position(s) easily.2. Improve Blood CirculationMagnetic waves stimulate acupoints to improve blood circulation as traditional acupuncture.
3. Magnetism EffectMagnetism wave magnetize body fluids to increase body's circulate system.4. HealthEffectively enhance circulate system5. Dual Relieve MethodsThe Palm Acupoints Combi and the Ear Acupoints Combi can be aplied in conjuntion with others or separately6. Easy to OperateSuitable for family and safe to use7. Light & PortableTake it With you wherever you go. Anytime! Anywhere!

Acupoint TreasureTianshi

Introduction to Acupoint TreasureTianshi Acupoint treasure is a pocket sized specific medical needless acupuncture instrument . It is called green therapy with rapid and obvious effectiveness ,convenience ,safety and with out cross infection or side effects .This is the first invention of its kind in both china and abroad .
Tianshi Acupoint treasure was invented according to the ancient Chinese Acupuncture Therapy ,Acupressure therapy ,Electric pulse therapy & magneto TherapyWhen you apply pressure on the occupants ,the focused magnetic cluster will function through skin , thus clearing and activating the channels ,promoting circulation and adjusting disturbance in bio electric field and magnetic field by way of scanning and injecting certain electric pulse to prevent disease and achieve health effects. After more than 10 years of research and clinical applications ,general effectiveness of Acupoint treasure has reached 98.4%.It has won high praise and is welcomed by doctors ,experts and patients all over the world .Tianshi Acupoint treasure won the gold award at”96 Beijing International Expo” the Ist session International Einstein new invention ,New Technology (products ) Exhibition in 1997.
I. Remember three words :- PSP (Press, Scan & Pulse )
1. PRESS:- press the pinpoint of the Acupoint treasure on the pain area or acupoint.2. SCAN: - while pressing the acupoint clock wise or counter clock wise , and at the same time scanning the acupoints with the magnetic bunch to change the still magnetism into active magnetism hence it speeds up the flow of blood &clears the obstruction of the channel .3. PULSE: - after pressing the acupoint for 2-3 min , pulse can be given to the points .Before giving electric pulse , install the transmitting stick into the socket . Ask the person to hold the stick in one hand , keep the pinpoint on the acupoint and give the pulse. (NOTE: Electric pulse is usually used for chronic diseases and is not given on all the points)II JADE :- for skin care Tianshi has developed the accessory to be used together with “Acupoint Treasure” .It forms a convex shape magnetic field by combining high–energy magnetic beam of acupoiunt treasure with magnetic field of “xue jade beauty machine” .Combined with skin nourishing effect , it can increase the circulation of capillaries and hence it makes your face skin finer & smoother , shiny with the vigor of youth .Usage of jade stone• Plug the magnetic head into the back faucet of the “Beauty jade machine”.• Massage the skin with the surface of beauty jade machine .Do circular movement clockwise or counter clockwise with proper strength .(Note use some water based jelly/ baby oil or rose water etc.• When necessary ,clean the surface of the jade with cotton ball dipped in disinfectant .Effective in :-1 . clearing and activating the channels and collaterals2. Inflammation3. knee pain4. Back ache5.shoulder pain6. Arthritis7.Regulating blood pressure8.paralysis9. Sinusitis10.Respiratory Disorders11.Digestive Disorders12.Head ache & Migraine13.Regulating blood sugars & many morePoint for Attention1. Read the directions carefully before using the Acupoint Treasure.2. prevent the Acupoint Treasure from shake ,moisture ,high temperature and heat source .3. keep the Acupoint treasure away from hand watches , TV ,Video recorder which are susceptible to magnetic force .4. Do not dissemble without authorization otherwise; the precious structure such as magnetic wave will be destroyed .5. The useful life of the electric pulse is generally 5000times/piece . It is usually used for chronic diseases .6. Patients with cardiac pacemaker & metallic implants in bones should use with caution.

Electric Blood Pressure Depresser & Monitor (B.P. SF.)
Special Features:
All in one compact unit. Memory function for storing 7 sets of pressure values and one set of average pressure values. Query function to viewn saved pressure data available, helping you constantly monitor your blood pressure. Clear function to erase saved data available large easy to read LCD DISPLAY USER friendly operation, depsressurization treatment time setting feature provided. Automatic shut-off system.

Fat Expert

Clear up the cellulite and makes skin come back to the original healthy color.
To stimulate the mammary gland which promotes the growth of breasts.
The massage state can be set freely by time and intensity input, helps you relieve tiredness.
Super-big Liquid-Crystal-Display Screen makes it easy to master shaping process.
Save individual data up to 6 groups and you can change them freely at any time.
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Super intelligent chip design, based on your individual situation. The micro-computer designs special fat sport program, scientific and reasonable using time and number of using times.
It applies particular super-long wave technique and makes body shaping much more fast, scientific and effective.
Intensive healthy magnets can improve micro-ciruclation of your body, re-inforce cell energy of skin and make skin more shiny, beautiful and flexible.
Get rid of redundant fat of your belly, waist, hip and legs.
Eliminate pregnancy wrinkles from the women belly.

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