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Beauity Face Capsul

Beauity Face Capsul
Radix rehmaniae, radix angelice sineses, radix Paeonia alba, flos carthami, semem persicae, Radix bupliuri, rhizome chuanxiong, VC, VE
Chinese herbal extracts that is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C.Product Description , Improves blood circulation
Changes rough skin into a smooth skin.Keeps skin elasticity and muscular tension.Inhibits the black pigmentation and chloasma.Clears free radicals.Regulates endocrine glands.Adjust metablism and improve whole bod’s tiny cycle, makes your beautiful form inside to outside.
Suitable For:
People with chloasmas (dark brown patches) on the skin.
People with dull skin and in = elastic skin.
People with colored spots and pigmentation on the skin People with weak physique, or sallow skin

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